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The Bandit Camp

At night, when I drive east across the river, I inevitably look up and see a faraway light, shining in isolation at the top of the mountain. Although I have searched the area many times by day, I have thus far failed to discover evidence of what I suspect to be this light's true origin: the nightly bonfires of a large and carefree bandit camp.

They must come down from the mountain - maybe every night, or every few nights - to pilfer excess from our society's mandarins and plutocrats and oligarchs. And they must be damned good at it, so effective in their assessment of excess that no owner of a missing item ever notices that what these bandits have taken is gone, because the owner has long since forgotten that what was taken was ever there in the first place. If these people realized their stuff was missing, they would surely wonder where it had gone; in wondering where it had gone, they would surely talk about the bandit camp at the top of the mountain; and they never talk about the bandit camp at the top of the mountain. So I think these bandits must be good at sorting the necessary from the superfluous, the wheat from the chaff.

I would like to meet them and talk to them about their sorting method. I spend a lot of time wondering what is good in this society, and what is not, what is healthy, and what is not, what is excess, and what is not. I'm not confident that I have much of a method, so far, but I would like to develop one and I would like the help of these methodical bandits in doing so. The problem is, they don't seem to be on social media - no Facebook, no Instagram, no LinkedIn, not even a Snapchat Story. They are private and inscrutable. I suppose this protects them from the authorities.

 I'll keep looking. I suspect, deep in my heart, that the day that I find these bandits will be the day that I join them. You can't join a cause that you haven't found. But I know their camp is up there, so I'll keep looking.

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