The Sherwood Desert Crew is pleased to meet you.

Introducing our Forthcoming Introductions

Over the next few weeks, we expect to produce a series of posts introducing ourselves and discussing our respective backgrounds, interests, hopes, dreams, and idiosyncrasies (as they project through the filter of our historical moment and into the blossoming framework of this content collective). We suspect that whatever objective we hope to accomplish in this space will take shape and crystallize in due course. The topic of content parameters or a "mission statement" was discussed only insofar as it might motivate the creation of this forum - and was foregone insofar as it might lend itself to the kind of inertia that kills so many creative projects in the cradle, as sacrifices to Perfect, the Enemy of the Good. In this regard, we operate by faith, not by sight.

What I can say about each of us is that we share a common background; that we are friends; and that we hail from the desert Southwest, primarily the Rio Grande corridor. Most of us share professional training. I would hazard a guess that all of us are tremendously alarmed by our current political realities. Many of us have young children, born or soon to be born, and this injects a certain urgency into any discourse that searches (however blindly and hopefully) for marginal improvements to a wayward civil society. We are going to strive for non-partisanship, although we will not shy away from being political. We see this as a largely critical exercise.

With all that said, I fully expect that each member of this crew will be interested in writing about very different things in very different ways, and I am tremendously excited to see what kind of alchemy we can wring out of ourselves. Our writing and our discussions will not always seem serious, or even be serious, but these are serious times and we will be serious in our efforts to build something here.


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